Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fire on the Mountain

Red dust of crimson earth taints the burnt sky as the blood of forgotten warriors soaks the thirsty soil. Rusty vermilion tears carve trenches in shadows of novice widows, while the scorching sun continues to desiccate tomorrow's harvest...

This is my latest abstract, it was completed in only two sittings at the studio because it was pure bliss. The idea came from a good friend of mine Caroline who wanted a red three piece abstract for her home...voila! I thoroughly enjoyed this mainly because I had artistic licence and it could really be whatever I wanted it to long as it was red. I particularly like the burst of yellow in the background, it reminds me of summer sun.


  1. i want a three piece abstract too :-D

  2. uuuummmhhh ooooh maestra dumi....why is my paintn on sale???

  3. kay i kinda hadnt read the comment u abt me inspirin u and all...i take it back